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Provide a solution for Employee debt with GradFin

The mission of GradFin is to help student loan borrowers repay their student loans faster and start saving for the future 

Who is GradFin?

GradFin is revolutionizing the way companies can help their employees manage their student loan debt.

They have partnered with 11 of the 16 major banks who refinance student loan debt which enables them to shop your existing loans and get the absolute best rates for you.

Core services include Student Loan Financial Education, Student Loan Refinancing, and Employer Student Loan Repayment Program.

Why did we partner with GradFin?

Truth?  Because in just 15 minutes GradFin can tell you what your loan options are and how much you can save.   And, with their exclusive 11 lender platform they provide you with the BEST opportunity to get the lowest rate possible.
And there's more: 

  • On average, GradFin saves $23,000 per borrower
  • GradFin accepts 90% of applicants compared to only 30%, the national average.
  • It doesn’t cost the Employee to refinance their loan! 
  • Most borrowers can dramatically reduce their loan payment or cut the total time it takes to pay off the loans by almost half


Exclusive to G&M, they offer over 400 time slots each week to choose from, for a complimentary 30 minute consultation to determine how they can help!  

THAT is what makes GradFin the best partner, don't rely on on-line tools where you are confused - get on the phone with an expert and they can provide clarity immediately! 

Get Started Today!

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2. Browse through the frequently asked questions below the appointment times. This will help prepare you for the consultation.

3. Use the REFERRAL CODE: GM01  when setting your appointment, to ensure you get the G&M special treatment!

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